Sports Betting in Neighboring States

Sports Betting in Neighboring States

While Ohio mulls over legalizing sports betting, virtually every surrounding state either has a law on the books or proposed legislation on the fast track.

Pennsylvania and West Virginia have already legalized sports betting.

In Kentucky, a House panel has passed a bill that would allow sports betting at approved locations such as a licensed horse racing track or the Kentucky Speedway. In person and via an app would be permitted. The bill still has to make its way through the rest of the legislature.

In Indiana, the Senate has approved a comprehensive gambling bill that would allow sports betting. The House is now considering the bill. Indiana would also allow in person and online betting.

Michigan was on the fast track to legalize sports betting. A bill quickly passed through the House and Senate. But the lame duck Governor vetoed the bill in December, 2018. Legislators plan to reintroduce the bill sometime in 2019.