Legal Blotter

Legal Blotter

Several former employees of Horseshoe Cincinnati have been indicted on two different scams that cost the casino more than $121,000. In one of the scams, a table games supervisor would place a predetermined sequence of cards into a deck at a baccarat table. Once the deck was ready, he would signal his accomplice who would then place large wagers on the hands, knowing the outcome in advance. Casino losses from this scam totaled $25,000. In the other scam, a craps dealer would add chips to bets placed by his accomplice. This was done over 150 times, costing the casino more than $96,000.

Four businesses and two private residences were raided by law enforcement who seized gaming machines, cash and documents. Acting on a tip that Spin City in Galloway was operating an illegal gambling business by paying out cash prizes, which is only permitted by the state’s casinos and racinos, the OCCC served search warrants on Spin City, Lucky Buck in Springfield, Out to Play in Portsmouth, Jackpots Skilled Games in Wheelersburg and homes of the business owners. No arrests were made but the investigation is ongoing.

In FY15, 354 individuals were charged with 453 gaming crimes. Trespassing was at the top of the list, representing 66% of the crimes. Theft and attempted theft, followed by underage individuals attempting to gain access rounded out the top three. Hollywood Columbus led with 143 charges while Horseshoe Cincinnati’s 85 charges were the fewest.

And for those shirking your child support responsibilities – over the past eleven months $2 million has been seized from jackpot winners at Ohio’s gaming institutions. Since 2014, jackpot winners ($1,200 or more on a slot machine, $5,000 or more at a poker tournament, $600 or more on a $2 bet at a horse racing track) have been checked against a database of parents owing child support. If on the list, all or part of the winnings are withheld.

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