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Depends on who you ask. Eilers & Krejcik Gaming is an outfit that tracks gambling legislation nationwide. They believe Ohio is one of 11 states that has a good chance of enacting sports gambling legislation. A report on ESPN has Ohio in the “no legislation activity yet” category, but Eilers ... Read More
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The financial website WalletHub ranked Ohio as the tenth most addicted gambling state in 2017. Nevada was #1. WalletHub used 15 metrics to conduct their analysis. Among their other conclusions – Ohio was tied for fourth on the list of highest percentage of adults with a gambling disorder, ninth for ... Read More
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Casino employees are now allowed to gamble in casinos where they don’t work. They have always been allowed to gamble in racinos. Racino employees could always gamble at casinos or other racinos. The rule against casino employees gambling has been in effect since Ohio legalized casinos. However, according to a bill ... Read More
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Gambling by the Numbers

The Columbus Dispatch analyzed gambling in Ohio for the period 2012-15. $62.9 billion was bet at Ohio’s legal gambling establishments with winning payouts totaling $53.3 billion, leaving $9.7 billion that people lost gambling. The casinos to date have generated over $1 billion in tax revenue. Ohio cities and counties have received over $660,000 ... Read More
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Daily Fantasy Sports

The uproar over daily fantasy sports games has made its way into statehouses across the country. Thirty states have pending bills. This week, Virginia became the first state to sign into law regulations that govern daily fantasy sports. Among the provisions of the Fantasy Contest Act: all players must be 18 or older, ... Read More
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A recent Moody’s Investors Service analysis seems to think so. Some observations from their report: An aging population. People 65 and older don’t have as much discretionary income that gambling really relies on. At the other end, younger people aren’t as interested in gambling as older generations. And those who are interested prefer technology ... Read More
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A 159-count indictment against eight individuals and two businesses has been unsealed in Cuyahoga County. Charges included racketeering for distributing illegal video slot machines to bars across the state, primarily in Cuyahoga, Ashtabula, Ashland, Lake and Wayne counties. According to the office of the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor, those indicted profited ... Read More
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Horseshoe Cincinnati #1

The greater Cincinnati area is one of the most competitive gambling markets in the state, with seven gambling facilities. Hollywood Lawrenceburg, located in Indiana, has dominated the area for years, routinely taking in two thirds of the market’s gambling dollars. But in 2014, Horseshoe Cincinnati, with revenues of $197.6 million, ... Read More
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Survey Says

A study conducted by Oxford Economics indicates that the gaming industry was responsible for $2.2 billion of Ohio’s economy in 2013. The industry employed nearly 14,000 and generated $672.5 million in tax revenues. Gambling revenue totaled $1.07 billion, well below the $1.9 billion that was projected in 2009 when gambling ... Read More
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Every gambling establishment that was open a year ago (4 casinos and 2 racinos) experienced revenue declines in November. Hollywood Columbus had the smallest decline, $16.8 million which was down from $17.5 million a year ago, a 4.1% decrease. Hollywood Toledo had the next smallest decline with revenues of $14 ... Read More
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