Other Casino News

Other Casino News

The background checks are just one of several procedures that must be performed before any casino can open. The Cleveland casino is further along with their background checks, so they have begun the next process. The slot machines must be tested. The process begins with each casino selecting the machines. A certified lab then tests the machines, which are then shipped to the casino where the machines are inspected and tested again. Once that is complete, the gaming software is installed.

The Ohio Casino Control Commission is rumored to perhaps announce the new opening dates for the Toledo and Cleveland casinos by February 1. It is believed they will announce a date range, rather than an exact date.

The commission did give preliminary approval to 43 new rules dealing with game play at the casinos. Among the rules approved:

  • A casino director, officer, employee, agent or vendor may not play table games at the casino they are associated with;
  • Cheating, cheating devices and the use of electronics are all prohibited while playing. Interestingly, card counting is not banned. Each casino will decide how to handle card counting;
  • Color and denomination of the chips are determined. A white chip is worth $1, red is worth $5, all the way up to a blue chip that is worth $25,000;
  • Casino advertising and how to handle unclaimed winnings were also addressed.
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