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The Ohio legislature has legalized fantasy sports contests. The Ohio Casino Control Commission will license, regulate, investigate and penalize the fantasy contests. Office pools, fantasy leagues played through websites such as Yahoo and ESPN, and other sports pools such as the NCAA basketball tourney, where all monies collected are paid ... Read More


The Ohio Legislature’s Joint Committee on Gaming and Wagering, which was created to study the gaming environment in Ohio, released a report addressing several issues. The issue drawing the most attention was Ohio’s practice of not taxing promotional spending at the casinos and racinos, which has amounted to $650 million since ... Read More



FanDuel, DraftKings Update

The ruckus over these daily fantasy sports contests started two months ago when an employee inadvertently released data before the week’s NFL games and then went on to win $350,000 on a rival website. With allegations of insider trading, the FBI opened an investigation. Lawsuits were filed across the country and ... Read More



Daily Fantasy Sports

Another sort of “game” not covered by Ohio law is daily fantasy sports. DraftKings and Fan-Duel are in the news these days for what some call insider trading. Last month an employee of DraftKings admitted to the inadvertent early release of data before the week’s NFL games. That same employee, ... Read More