Plain Language Summary of Ballot Language for Issue 6

Plain Language Summary of Ballot Language for Issue 6

The proposed amendment would authorize:

  • One privately owned casino with a minimum initial investment of $600 million
  • Casino would be located near Wilmington at the junction of I-71 and S.R. 73

Tax rates and distribution:

  • Tax rate of up to 30% of gross receipts for the casino
  • If another casino is permitted in Ohio, then the tax rate will fall to either 25% or the rate applicable to the new casino (whichever is lower)

Distribution of tax proceeds:

  • First: The expenses of regulating and collecting taxes from the casino. Funding gambling addiction prevention and treatment programs
  • Second: 10% to Clinton County. 90% to all other Ohio counties, based on population

The casino will be subject to other applicable taxes (i.e., sales tax, liquor tax)

The developer would pay a $15 million license fee and receive a $15 million tax credit in return

The casino is authorized to conduct the following games:

  • Any game permitted in Nevada or in any state adjacent to Ohio
  • Including: card or table games, slot machines, electronic gaming devices
  • Excluding: bets on races or sporting events
  • No limit on amounts of bets
  • No limit on days or hours of operation
  • Patrons must be at least 21 years old to place a bet
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